Our Grub

Savage Sourdough Cheesy

We have been perfecting our recipes for ‘Gourmet (savage) Toasties’ for a number of lockdowns now & we feel strongly that our food offerings in 2021 will be just as scrumptious & cheesy. We are foodies with a passion for putting together a seasonal & location specific bespoke menu.

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality Irish ingredients that is locally sourced and always fresh. Our menu regularly changes to make use of local seasonal produce and we love to provide quality coffee & signature savage toasties to our customers.

Savage Coffee

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love”
– Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

When it comes to coffee we don’t mess about. We are proud to be serving the Stone Valley Roasters – Baby You’re Crazy Blend

This coffee is the taste equivalent to the bass slide at the start of “Never Too much” by Luther Vandross. It’s all creamy smoothness that leads you in to a beautiful world of sweet and fruity happiness. Also for the record Luther Vandross is the greatest singer that has ever lived and we have a framed poster of him up in the roastery to remind us to try to be more like him in every way. The SCA has yet to respond to our petition to have one sent to every roastery in the world